Tids Pools and Sea Life of Highway 1

Wherever you roam along Highway 1, the ocean never lies far away. In the 57 miles of coastline between Ragged Point and Nipomo, the Pacific Ocean defines the landscape. Half of these miles benefit from state and federal protection — more than any other stretch of coast in California. White bluffs and cliffs reach like fingers into the ocean along the north coast, while dunes tower over the beaches to the south. Among the rocks of our rugged shoreline, tidepools stand as tiny underwater worlds, begging to be explored. Here, anemones, urchins, crabs, and sea stars make their homes among mussels moss and barnacles. On plush, sandy beaches, look for hundreds of species of seabirds, from plovers and egrets to tattlers and turnstones. Many have a permanent home here, but others are among the billion birds that migrate along the Pacific Flyway.

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Photo from Highway 1 Discovery Route