Celebrating Life…at a Vacation Rental.

We found out that one of our guests coming to the Frontier Farmhouse had booked the property for a family reunion. Months after booking it nearly a year in advance, the gentleman’s wife had passed away. He was going to cancel the reservation, but instead decided to stay at the Frontier Farmhouse Vacation Rental to make it a Life Celebration. The week he was there was their 30th Wedding Anniversary and his deceased wife, Karen’s, birthday. The owner and DIGS decided to surprise him with a gourmet Tres Leches cake from Angela’s Pastries in Paso to help them celebrate her life. His response was so grateful: “What a wonderful surprise! When I arrived my daughter-in-law met me with you beautiful cake in hand. Thank you so very much. We enjoyed the cake last night and it tasted even better than it looked. Welcome to the Frontier Family. I can see that you and the homeowner make quite a team. Thanks again and stop by sometime.”

Digs Vacation Rentals works with their homeowners to help make their guests feel special. We’re a hospitality team with our homeowners.

Photo by Kathy Kelly